This is it!

I can’t believe I own my own business. I’m an entrepreneur! If you had asked me back in high school if I could ever see myself owning my own business I would have probably said no. If you asked me if I was going to be a photographer I would have said “That would be nice but…” It was unrealistic. I have never seen it paying the bills or becoming a lifestyle. But, now I do. Now I hope so badly that this will work.

Taking photos of people makes me happy. I love looking through my photos after a shoot and seeing them smile or that instant they hit it with their eyes. That smoulder. I love letting people feel comfortable, relaxed and be themselves and then give them the photos and let them see how beautiful and handsome they are.

I’m going to say it now, so hold me to it if I start complaining! If this business doesn’t fully pay the bills and I need a second job, I am still going to be happy to take photos on a part time basis and show people how wonderful they really are.

This is happening. This is really happening!



I had a wonderful relaxing evening last Friday night. sitting back and taking everything in. The quiet moment between finalising papers and launching on Monday. It was quite nice.


Author: ashleedawnphoto

some thoughts along the way as I build my business.

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