I have been a dancer for 27 years. The story my parents told me has little 3 year old me wearing my white church shoes and tapping my feet every time I was standing on flooring that made noise. Over the next 15 years I learned tap, jazz, modern, and hip hop. I never took ballet but I worked my butt off to keep up with the girls I was dancing with. They all took ballet and had the technique and knowledge that gets taught earlier in ballet than in jazz.

I became a teacher’s aid around 12 years old and then started teaching classes at 16. In my graduating year I taught dance at two studios in neighbouring towns. When I graduated I couldn’t believe I was done dance. There had to be something more I could do with it. Unfortunately, all I found was teaching. Which was great but it’s not performing. It’s showing others how to do it which was fun but not enough.

In 2012 I moved to Newfoundland and discovered TaDa Entertainment. They have a show every year around Christmas called 15252697_10154657731674564_8393100848913430458_oDivas Do Christmas. I auditioned for the chorus line and got in! With them I learned Irish Step Dancing and Jive but was able to do tap, jazz, lyrical, and even impersonate the Rockettes. Whether doing massive kick lines in mini Santa dresses or dressing up like a stag in a white, head-to-toe unitard it was incredible! I was finally back on the stage dancing.

Unfortunately, I don’t live there any more but my passion for dance continues. I love taking dance photography. Whether it’s onstage or on location it’s absolutely beautiful. I enjoy working with the dancers and allowing them to bring their own style as well as encouraging them to try new things. As a trained dancer I’m able to work closely with them during the photo shoots to make sure they look their best – pointed toes, beautiful turn out, etc. I don’t want any one to be able to look at their photos later and wish they hadn’t sickled their foot or broken their wrist. Dance is such a beautiful art form and we have incredible dancers in our area. I can’t wait to work with them.


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Author: ashleedawnphoto

some thoughts along the way as I build my business.

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