New gear always looks good. I’d love a new lens, camera body, backdrop, a flash, and tripod. Maybe a different reflector, a flash bracket, battery grip, and a special plate for my tripod.

But the truth is I don’t need all that right now. Perhaps never! My camera works great, I have a reflector, I love my trigger, the world is my backdrop and, well, I do need a plate for my tripod. But my point is it’s not about the gear. It’s not about having all the new stuff or carying around thousands of dollars worth of gear. It’s about what you do with it, the angle you see from and how your eyes see things.

And if you do need something new or something to help you get better photos chances are good that you can get it at the dollar store or really cheap from a local department store. It’s amazing what cardboard and chiffon can do for a photo!

Here’s to running a business on a tight budget!



I took the weekend off and got to meet this amazing man!

Author: ashleedawnphoto

some thoughts along the way as I build my business.

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