CBC Interview

I was checking my email and Facebook messages the other day when I noticed I had been contacted by Alya Ramadan from Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Kelowna. I called her back and was told that the day’s planning was super busy with the BC wildfires but that she’d like to talk to me the next morning. She said it was about my photography project. I had no idea how she heard about it but I was immensely excited!

Alya called me back the following morning. We talked about the project for a little bit and I guess she decided it was worth mentioning on the radio because she asked if she could call me back that evening to do a live interview! I would be at work but okay-ed it with my boss to step aside for a few minutes to take the call. I thought I’d be so nervous but I was just so excited to talk about this project!

I think it went really well. If you’d like to hear it you can follow this link to the CBC Radio West Page. It should play automatically for you but if things change it was the 4-5pm show on August 2nd. I’m not on until 40 minutes in so feel free to skip forward 😉

There is still time to take the survey if you’d like as well. Simply click HERE



Author: ashleedawnphoto

some thoughts along the way as I build my business.

2 thoughts on “CBC Interview”

  1. What a great interview. She asked really good questions and you answered with wit, charm, class and energy. Well done. (and thanks for the shout out.)

    I imagine that one of your challenges now is to try and keep the whole thing manageable. This is pretty exciting stuff. You are going to learn soooo much about soooo many things. Holler if you need someone to lean on.


    1. Thanks Terry! I’m glad you caught the shout out 🙂
      It’s definitely getting bigger than I ever imagined! I’m so excited for this and what it could be if done well. You’re on my S.O.S. List for sure!


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