Family Photos

I love taking photos at random moments during photo shoots. You never know what you’re going to get. Many are absolutely horrible and you don’t want to let your client see them but sometimes they’re just fun. Everyone getting into position, making sure they look good, or goofing around before looking good for the photo. To me that’s them looking good. Them being themselves. The true family.



Replying to Emails

As a customer and client I really value a business’s communication skills. It can either make you feel appreciated and important to the company or like they don’t need your business.

I’ve needed to call or email many companies personally or with former employees. The ones that stood out to me and were a pleasure to work with were the ones who responded in a timely fashion.  It didn’t have to be anything big. Saying something like “…we have received your message….a little backed up…will get back to you as soon as possible…” or being honest when something goes wrong “…found this message in our junk mail…” (a month later) shows that they are interested in having you as a customer.


I really want to stay on top of emails. To respond even when I’m busy with an “I got this!” and then remember to get back to them of course. I want to make phone calls when it’s important to make the phone call. You know, not chicken out and send an email. Customer service isn’t just face to face. Especially not when your customers and potential customers could live anywhere in the world.

Just been thinking a lot about this lately as I receive inquiries and talk with businesses about different things. I think it can easily make or break a company.

Do you have any great or horrible customer experiences?


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Working up to a few shoots so there will be fresh photos to blog about soon!