Have you ever researched insurance for camera gear? There are a ton of companies that give insurance plans but few reach into Canada. While that made it easier because it narrowed the field it wasn’t easy to understand all the legal jargon. Then there’s simply trying to find the right plan for you. You don’t want to be paying extra for video equipment coverage if you don’t have any. Or being covered for lending out your equipment if you don’t lend it out! Some cover underwater photography, some to a minimum of $20,000 worth of gear. Some cover dropping or travel and others only cover in your immediate area. The best plans (in my opinion) cover theft, breakage, travel, your photography equipment AND your editing equipment – hard drives, computers, etc. Not many do that last bit.

There were some companies who had great deals and great prices but didn’t tell you they didn’t supply to Canada until you finished applying for a quote and put your address in – frustrating. Others wouldn’t give you an idea of what their pricing was until you asked for a quote – annoying. I have so many emails from companies that couldn’t do anything for me or were just way too expensive.

I did however find a wonderful company that I got fantastic (again, in my opinion) coverage through. My equipment – photo and edit – are covered in my area and when I travel. I also was able to get third party liability for my business through the same company. I decided to go with a company that was already set up for photographers. It didn’t really make sense for me to go with a company that could do photography coverage but had never really worked with many. Front Row was able to find the best package for my needs and has already worked with many people in the industry so will be able to fight for me if I ever need to make a claim.

It’s a relief knowing I have good coverage from a good company!




170527_Blog Wagner wedding_001.jpgI had a lot of fun photographing a wedding this past weekend. Sneak Peek on my Facebook page and more to come!

Busy Bee

I have been so busy today calling different companies and getting quotes for insurance. I’m trying to find the best possible business to get my equipment and company insured with. I had someone before but they shut down and then a bunch of other things happened and, well, lets just say this better get sorted fast! I want to go back to working with clients and photos instead of money and insurance companies. I have however dealt with many nice people (hinting back to the previous post).

I am also very excited today because I get to photograph a wonderful couple’s wedding this weekend!

Short and sweet but so much work to do today!



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