I recently had the pleasure of photographing a wonderful woman named April. She is the mother of 4 talented and caring children. She cares for and encourages all the kids in her life – related or not. She is involved in her church and community, has a huge heart for young mothers and really wants to help people live better.

Her children purchased a Mother’s Day shoot as a surprise but unfortunately she was so ill over Mother’s Day weekend we had to reschedule. Last weekend I met up with her and had a wonderful time.

170610_April WM_008
She mentioned that she’s the type of person who will appreciate the gift but if she doesn’t  personally like the photos she will say thank you and then hide them all forever. It was my mission to make sure she liked the photos!

We started out slowly to get her relaxed and comfortable. There was a really nice bench we could use that – I think – gave her the opportunity to sit and not worry so much about what her body was doing. She opened up and her personality came shining through. She was hilarious and absolutely adorable.

After sending her the link to her gallery she thanked me for making her feel pretty. The thing is, throughout the hour long shoot, there were multiple times I looked through the lens and said “Beautiful,” “Gorgeous,” and “You look great!” I know where she was coming from saying thank you but I simply took a photo of a beautiful woman.

170610_April WM_017



But my bed is calling

One of the reasons I started my own business is because my health isn’t good enough to work a full time job. I can’t commit to being at work at 9am every Monday – Friday. I ended up pushing myself too hard because I wouldn’t take a sick day. By having my own business I can work from home while taking care of myself.

New problem. I feel fine except I can’t stay awake. I can’t take or edit photos if my eyes are closed! So far this week I have woken up on the couch, in my bed or on the floor at different times throughout the day without really knowing how I got there. On top of getting worried about what’s going on I’m starting to get really frustrated. My to-do list is piling up.

(Sorry if there are errors in this. I honestly can’t go back and read it over. I have so little energy.)




Grad season is coming up and I need to make new ads. I find I can come up with promotions fairly well but making an ad is more difficult. First you need an eye catching photo, a nice lay out, to the point words or sentences and somewhere to display it. My mother’s day promotion spread fairly well but I think I could have done better.

I’m looking into more ways to share the ad this time and hopefully I’ll get a few more inquiries. Maybe use multiple photos to show different people, styles, etc. That of course will be easier the more photos I take. I have some but I’d like more recently taken ones. Which I suppose is what this whole first year will be; updating the portfolio, growing client base, and getting my name out there.

Here is my mother’s day promo. Wouldn’t mind knowing what you think.





Time to Work it Out

I’ve decided that I need to get back in shape. I’m not a huge fan of my body lately and I don’t think I can encourage ladies (and hopefully soon men) to look their best in front of a camera when I’m uncomfortable holding the camera. I can find a million excuses of why I am out of shape but it doesn’t really matter. I just need to get back into whatever shape I feel best at. I don’t want abs. Honestly, I’d never be able to maintain that so why would I even try? I just want to feel comfortable and happy so that I can help the people I take photos of really shine through the photos.

The view when I go out is making it easier to be active. I took the above photo on my walk tonight. I will not be showing photos from my runs. Oy! So out of shape.




I have been a dancer for 27 years. The story my parents told me has little 3 year old me wearing my white church shoes and tapping my feet every time I was standing on flooring that made noise. Over the next 15 years I learned tap, jazz, modern, and hip hop. I never took ballet but I worked my butt off to keep up with the girls I was dancing with. They all took ballet and had the technique and knowledge that gets taught earlier in ballet than in jazz.

I became a teacher’s aid around 12 years old and then started teaching classes at 16. In my graduating year I taught dance at two studios in neighbouring towns. When I graduated I couldn’t believe I was done dance. There had to be something more I could do with it. Unfortunately, all I found was teaching. Which was great but it’s not performing. It’s showing others how to do it which was fun but not enough.

In 2012 I moved to Newfoundland and discovered TaDa Entertainment. They have a show every year around Christmas called 15252697_10154657731674564_8393100848913430458_oDivas Do Christmas. I auditioned for the chorus line and got in! With them I learned Irish Step Dancing and Jive but was able to do tap, jazz, lyrical, and even impersonate the Rockettes. Whether doing massive kick lines in mini Santa dresses or dressing up like a stag in a white, head-to-toe unitard it was incredible! I was finally back on the stage dancing.

Unfortunately, I don’t live there any more but my passion for dance continues. I love taking dance photography. Whether it’s onstage or on location it’s absolutely beautiful. I enjoy working with the dancers and allowing them to bring their own style as well as encouraging them to try new things. As a trained dancer I’m able to work closely with them during the photo shoots to make sure they look their best – pointed toes, beautiful turn out, etc. I don’t want any one to be able to look at their photos later and wish they hadn’t sickled their foot or broken their wrist. Dance is such a beautiful art form and we have incredible dancers in our area. I can’t wait to work with them.


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Social Responsibility

I built a Social Responsibility into my business plan and would like to share it with you.
Community is very important to Ashlée Dawn Photography. As we grow as a company we desire to grow with the community. As a small business we are unable to support every charity and fundraiser in the area but we welcome all requests. As a company we strive to provide dependable service to everyone without discrimination of lifestyle or race.

Coldest Night of the Year 2017

Our Mission Statement:

Ashlée Dawn Photography’s mission is to provide a comfortable and trusting environment for you to be yourself and capture lasting memories through photographs.

Coldest Night of the Year 2017

Our Core Values are:

PROFFESSIONALISM – we promise to treat everyone equally providing quality personalized service

APPROACHABILITY – we believe that there is no harm in asking any question

CONVIVIALITY – we want everyone to feel comfortable working with us

CHARITY – we believe in giving back to the community

DEPENDABILITY – we keep our promises and stand by what we say we will do

Coldest Night of the Year 2017

I’m looking forward to building great relationships in the Kootenays.