I’ve been working on making my website and social media easier to find, access, and manoeuvre through. People were having trouble finding me – on Facebook especially – because, apparently, there are many Ashlée Dawn photographers in other countries. I’ve never met an Ashlee, never mind an Ashlee Dawn or even an Ashley who is a photographer, so it surprised me. I had no difficulty getting the .ca URL for my website and the .com version was even available at the time. It was quickly snatched up by someone however. I received an email within a couple weeks of setting mine up asking me if I wanted to buy the .com version. If you visit the page it’s about the horribly sad struggle men have with foot odour.  Which, of course, I find hilarious and is much better than having another Ashlee Dawn photographer’s page come up.

So, I’ve changed my links which means many things I’ve linked to in the past won’t work any more.

My website is still but the other areas changed a bit
If you’re look for my photos – Galleries
If you’re looking for your photos – Client Area

I changed Facebook to

Instagram is now

Now, I can’t change the fact that my name is Ashlée instead of Ashley so I know I will still be difficult to find but hopefully this does make it easier! If something seems to not be working properly please let me know. You can message me through my website, Facebook, or here. Thanks in advance but hopefully there’s no reason for you to message me.

Merry Christmas!



I’ve been super busy lately with winter markets. I printed 5×7 and 8x10s of some of my landscape photos and ordered 8 different Christmas cards with local photos on the front. They look awesome! It’s been a lot of fun networking but it’s long hours and smiling even when you don’t want to. I’ve met so many great people who live in the area though. It’s been completely worth it. I have one more this Wednesday night at Highlands Elementary and then I can prepare for Christmas!

IMG_5182 (Edited).JPG

Hope you’re all doing well